Blade of the Dragonslayer

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I would give anything,

My heart, my soul, my life,

Just to take it all back,

And set things right.

I know where I went wrong.

I know what's wrong with me.

I know what I've become.

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In the Victorian era, hand-fans were used not only to cool oneself but also as a secret way to communicate the language of love. For example, by running one’s fingers through the fan’s ribs, one is trying to say, "I want to talk to you." The enigmatic language of the fan was widely used by both men and women.

I. A fan placed near the heart.
"You have won my love."

II. A closed fan touching the right eye.
"When may I be allowed to see you?"

III. A closed fan moved threateningly.
"Do not act so impudently!"

IV. A half-opened fan pressed to the lips.
"You may kiss me."

V. Covering the left ear with an open fan.
"Do not betray my secret."

VI. Hiding the eyes behind an open fan.
"I love you."

VII. Shutting a fully open fan slowly.
"I promise to marry you."

VIII. Fanning oneself slowly.
"I am married."

IX. Letting one’s fan rest on the right cheek or the left.
"Yes" and "No", interchangeably.

X. Opening and closing the fan several times.
"You are cruel."

XI. Fan in front of the face.
"Follow me."

XII. Twirling the fan in the left hand.
"We are being watched."

XIII. Fan held over left ear.
"I wish to be rid of you."

XIV. Carrying an open fan in the left hand.
"Come and talk to me."

XV. Opening a fan wide.
"Wait for me."

XVI. Placing the fan behind the head with finger.

[Artwork: Secret, by Lee Yun-hi.]

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"I have some editors who have come up to me in the past on the show and been like, ‘Hey man, we really appreciate what you do when you’re not saying dialogue.’ And I was like… (looks confused) And I really didn’t know, I was like ‘What do you mean?’ And they’re like, ‘Well you’re always in the scene, you’re always doing something. We know that if we need to, we can always cut to you for a reaction or something because of what somebody’s saying.’”

- Jensen Ackles

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Ruckus rockin out to a good jam

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Normal cats shake their butt when they’re about to pounce on something. Polly shakes her head.

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